Dreaming of a Themed Event



Looking at hosting a wedding, social or corporate event and considering a fun theme? We hope you take a minute to read and consider a few thoughts from our team.

Know your story

There are plenty of ways to get what you want with any budget. Know your story and look for ways up front to carry it through to stay on budget. Don’t make the mistake of creating a themed event, sending out teasers and inviting guests before determining how much the theme will cost you. Do a thorough research into the theme, starting online and actually visiting stores to see the products firsthand. Think about how the event is set up, what is the focal point in the space. If it’s the stage, this would be where you make a splash.

The details and design

If you’re thinking Great Gatsby for a theme – then think GREAT Gatsby. We’re not talking about using a single feather, some pearls and votive on tabletop; we’re talking about much grander items like using the iconic deco panels and beading on the stage. Make sure you tell a part of the story throughout the room. This can be accomplished by using art deco fonts and motifs on the menu cards, table numbers and signage. You could hand out strands of pearls or boas to the ladies. Work with your caterer to create a speciality drink; have your DJ or band play music of the era and having glitzy & glamorous textures on the linens, drapery and furniture. If you’re incorporating a color theme, make it come alive with lighting. Today’s technology will allow you change colors throughout the event creating different moods.

Collaboration is key

Don’t be afraid to talk with your team! Open communication & creative ideas are a must. Some of the best ideas come from sitting down together while having a drink letting the ideas flow. The process of designing your event should be fun setting the tone for the event itself.

Have a question? Email me, gene@detailanddesign.com and I will post my answer on the blog.